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Sterilisation is important

How to make sterilization in Dentopol?

This is a unit which is inspected carefully by Quality Department and Infection Control Teams.

Sterilization for Dentopol’s dentists and employee’s begins before our patients take a seat and proceeds by taking more additional precautions to avoid infections. In Dentopol Clinics, our all units and equipment are sterilized after every patient.

The areas and points which are touched by our dentists and patients are cleaned by antiseptic solutions, disinfected and contact points are covered by disposable strech. Protective apron, safety elastic cap, goggles and masks are used to make zero risk of infection for patients and dentists.

In our clinic, contaminated instruments and equipment are hold at our Central Sterilization Room by using Non-sterile entrance.

Autoclaved instruments packaged specially as disposable. Sterilization dates of the packages are recorded. After instruments and equipments’ sterilization completed, they are distributed to clinics by using Sterile Exit Area.

Instruments and equipment are used in closed clinic and they are sanitized by ultrasonic method.

Instruments and equipment used in clinic are sterilized in high temperature and pressure after autoclaved.

How to clean tooth unit?

After the patient leave the seat, all disposable materials are thrown to medical or domestic waste containers. Metal equipment are collected and put into a special disinfectant liquid to be sterilized. All contacted surfaces are cleaned by special chemicals which can destroy the microbes in very short times. After cleaning, the room is ventilated and new disposable materials are prepare for new patient.

How to clean equipment?

Most of the materials are disposable. Metal ones are firstly hold in disinfectant liquid, then they are dried, put into sterilization bags, cleaned in autoclave machines, after all these cleaning steps they are hold until next usage.

What is an autoclave machine like? How does it clean?

Autoclave is a machine that destroys the microbes by using water steam in 121 C degrees. The equipment which are sterilized in autoclave machine can hold theirselves as sterilized during 6 months unless removing from sterilized bags. Effectiveness is checked periodically by changing colors areas, indicators in autoclave and registered reports.