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Which procedure is commonly performed in a Dentopol Prostheses clinic?

At Dentopol Prosthesis Clinic, the following prosthetic applications and more are performed by Prosthesis Specialist Dentists:

Partial Prosthesis, Full Prosthesis, Immediate Prosthesis, Veneer Crown, Laminate Veneer Crown, Lumineers Crown, Zirconia Crown, precious metallic Porcelain Crown, Implant supported prostheses, Ceramic crown on implant, Zirconia on Implant, Telescopic crown, Temporary  Crown, Night Tray ( For Bruxism- Teeth grinding), Repair, Bridge Crown Reparation, Tooth extension (Single Teeth), Fallen Crown and Bridge Cementation, Overdenture.

What is a Dental Prosthesis?

Dental Prosthesis is all the artificial materials that are made to reestablish the functions of the losing teeth of the patients. The treatment of dental prosthesis is made by a prosthesis expert. Only a prosthesis specialist can determinate which prosthesis is adapted to the patient because prosthetic treatments vary from person to person.

How many Dental Prosthesis are there?

There are two different kind of prosthesis; they can either be fixed permanently or removable. Fixed prosthesis like crowns or bridges can differ according to the used materials during its construction. According to the used material, they can be called full metal, metal-supported porcelain teeth, or full porcelain teeth. The removable prosthesis can be named in different ways according to different aspects.

There are 3 Main Types of Dental Prosthesis.

Fixed Prosthesis:
Fixed Prostheses are prostheses that are glued to the tooth by the prosthesis specialist and cannot be removed by the patient. These prostheses do not move in place and are very comfortable.

Removable Prosthesis:
These prostheses are inserted and removed by the patient and are difficult to use, but after the period of adaptation the prostheses become more comfortable.

Implant supported Prosthesis:
Implant supported Prosthesis are prosthesis that are placed after the dental implant treatment on implant. These prostheses are planned and could change according to the crowns, fixed or removable prosthesis or the number of implant.

What are Fixed Prosthesis Types?

  • Crown  (single-tooth coating)
  • Bridge (include also the teeth next to the missing teeth – usually applied)
  • Laminate (Leaf Porcelain)
  • Zirconia Porcelain

What are Removable Prosthesis types?

  • Total Prosthesis (It is applied to mouths with no teeth. Used at elderly ages)
  • Partial Prosthesis (It is applied to mouths with partially teeth. Crochets or clasps are used on teeth).
  • Sensitive Holder Prosthesis (Metal supported prosthesis without crochets, applied to mouths with partially teeth)
  • Immediate Prosthesis (temporary teeth)

What are the implants supported prosthesis types?

Fixe (porcelain crowns applied to one or more teeth)
It is diversified as implant-fixed prosthesis, metal ceramic (porcelain) crowns, zirconium porcelain crowns. Considering the number of implants, ALL on Four or hybrid fixed prostheses are also available.

Removable (it is like total prosthesis that are applied to totally toothless mouths)
Implant supported removable denture is diversified as bar prosthesis, locater prosthesis and ball-attachment prosthesis.

What is Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns (Ceramic)?

A crowned type which tooth shaped tissue-friendly materials onto deeply deformed teeth somehow. Purpose of this operation is to extend tooth life and it is a harmless operation. Teeth can be crowned for aesthetic reasons; this situation totally depends on patient.

What is the difference between Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns and Zirconia Crowns?

There is a metal layer under the porcelain on metal ceramic crowns. It is hard to supply aesthetic view on these types of crowns. On Zirconia crowns, more natural aesthetic view can be made because Zirconia is a white metal. In addition, Zirconia porcelain is more durable. It is more compatible with teeth than metal.

How long will Porcelain Bridge / Crowns last?

Depends on person’s habits and mouth care situation within approx. 5-6 years for porcelain prosthesis. It can be said that, with a good mouth care, its life will be extended.

What is Empress Crown?

Especially because of its transparency, it is a frequently preferred crowns type for aesthetic reason. Its aesthetic success is very high for front teeth. Glass supported and reinforced porcelain is used for substructure, not metal.

Zirconia Crown

The most important feature of Zirconia porcelain is its transparency tissue and it supplies natural view.

How should I take care of my Prosthesis?

It is very easy to care removable prosthesis. After meals, it is enough to clean daily with its brushes by removing. Especially it is very useful to clean before sleep.

How take care of Porcelain Crown (bridge)?

On the implant or on the teeth, porcelain crowns requires full care which is the same with we apply our natural teeth. Must not understand that no need for teeth brush, mouth and teeth care; because of having implant and its crowns. Because gum care and hygiene are important all the times and with this consciousness cleaning must be done such as natural teeth brushing with dental floss and mouthwash. Must clean the crowns just like original teeth; even must be more careful.

What does orcelain Lamina (Leaf Porcelain) mean?

It is a technic for reforming teeth shape, color and some deformed areas on teeth. Regarding to patient’s expectation, these porcelains can supply natural smiles by complying with patient’s teeth, gingiva and lip type. These porcelains are pasted onto teeth by reducing them very less. The laminates are prepared in laboratories and pasted front side of the teeth by the dentist.

What are the advantages of Porcelain Laminate?

In Laminate treatment, the teeth should be reduce a little or not at all. The gum fit is better than other crowns and it offers a natural look.

Does coating shorten the teeth life?

Crowns and bridges prosthesis are known as coating and they coat teeth on teeth all around. Especially on the teeth which have big fillings, it protects teeth from external factors and supplies longer usage time by wrapping teeth fully.

Is it true that no tooth substance is damaged with the placement of a dental laminate?

The placement of dental laminate is defined as a false tooth which can be installed on teeth   with a good orientation and on aligned teeth by reducing little (0.3_0.5 mm) or not at all of dental substance. However, if teeth are not aligned, a material slightly superior to the average quantity should be removed.

Is it normal to have a pain after the placement of a dental crown?

The crown known also as the prosthetic crown and as the prosthetic bridge is installed by reducing the size of the original tooth. After this process, while waiting for to place the permanent prostheses, temporary prostheses are installed and a sensibility in the cold is possible during the use of this temporary prostheses. When fixed crowns or fixed bridges prostheses are installed, the sensibility usually disappears.

My way of speaking has changed after the placement of tooth / prosthesis. Is it temporary?

This situation is possible during the placement of fixed or removable prosthesis to the people having none teeth or when an esthetic treatment is made in front teeth. When an adapted prosthesis is placed, the way of speaking returns to normal after 1 week or even maximum in 10 days.

How long does the treatment take?

It takes 7-10 days for placing prostheses.

Should I take care after the treatment?

Teeth brushing and dental floss usages are musts for mouth and teeth care. At bridge systems teeth are combined and a special brush must be used because the gaps and teeth sides cannot be cleaned. During adaptation process, because of moving prosthesis can damage the palate, stinging points must be removed. This supports better adaptation to prosthesis. To have patience to stinging points for adaptation is wrong way. Should not break hazelnut, walnut with neither teeth nor crowns/prosthesis.