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Gum Diseases

Which treatments are applied in Dentopol Orthodontics Clinic?

It is a clinic where all kinds of Periodontal Practice are applied. Periodontology Clinic offers the following treatment services and more:

  • Dental scaling
  • Curettage
  • Flap Operation (Operational Therapy Preferred in Case of Advanced Gum Disease)
  • Free Tooth Graft
  • Large Cyst Operation
  • Biomaterial Application
  • Membrane Application Connective Tissue Graft
  • Periodontal Abscess Treatment

How does a healthy gum look like?

  • Orange peel image, light pink color,
  • A uniform gingival border surrounding the teeth at the beginning of the root and following their contours,
  • No redness, swelling or infection,
  • You should not feel any discomfort,
  • The gum should be strong and rigid.
  • All of this means that you have a healthy dental formation.

What is gum disease?

The inflammation of the teeth along the gum line. There are 3 stages: gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.

What are the signs of gum disease?

  • Easily bleeding gums in oral care
  • Sensitized gums
  • Distended gingival teeth (receding gum)
  • Bad breath and bad taste in mouth
  • Shaking teeth
  • Extremely sensitive teeth to cold or hot

What is a tartar?

It is an inorganic lime layer formed by the combination of food debris and microorganisms in the mouths at the junctions of the tooth and the gum.

Do I have to renew my dental tartar removal treatment?

There is no increase in coloration and tartar formation in the teeth after tartar cleaning teeth. The tartar is formed by the hardening of the plaque attached to the tooth surfaces. Whether or not the tartar is removal, the tartar will continue to form if the teeth cannot be cleaned properly. For this reason, there is no connection between tartar cleaning and reconstruction of tartar.

What is the cause of bleeding gums?

Bleeding gum is a symptom of gum disease. An oral care routines controls by the dentist after tartar cleaning may be sufficient in some cases. However, in some cases additional gingival treatments may be needed. Gingival bleeding is a condition that should be taken into consideration because gingival diseases can cause tooth loss and gingival bleeding is a symptom of this disease.

What is a chronic periodontitis?

It is a periodontitis that develops slowly and develops at the advancing age. Because the symptoms are not recognizable, it is a disease that can be overlooked by the patient.

What is aggressive periodontitis?

Chronic periodontitis progresses more rapidly and can cause bone and teeth loss. It is usually seen in young patients.

How can gingival diseases be treated?

In the first step of treatment, tartar cleaning should be done and optimum oral hygiene must be provided. Following steps may continue with antibiotic use and surgical treatment according to the progress of the disease. If only the gum is affected, a professional tartar cleaning will be sufficient. In more advanced cases, the curettage (cleaning of the gingival tissue during tartar cleaning) will be performed.

What is gingivectomy?

Cutting out part of the gum tissue in areas where gum growth is occurring to create a gum that can be easily cleanable with an aesthetical form.

What is Flap Operation?

It is an operational treatment done with local anesthesia in case of advanced gingival disease. Gums are opened to access tooth roots and diseased bone, diseased gums and root surfaces are cleaned, bone replacement materials (graft + membrane) are added to bone loss areas.

What is Periodontal Aesthetic (Pink Aesthetic)?

Removal of aesthetic problems in the gums due to various reasons. Obtaining a pink gum (aesthetic gingiva) compatible with white teeth and closing the root surfaces should prevent sensitivity and decays formation.

Does the tartar cleaning damage the teeth?

Tools used during tartar cleaning do not damage tooth enamel. Dental plaque and teeth tartar that accumulate on the teeth may cause gum troubles when it is not done in situations where tartar cleaning is necessary. Tartar cleaning by dentists at regular intervals does not damage the tooth minerals and prevents gum problems.

What is receding gum and how is it treated?

Receding gum can be an aesthetic problem and can cause other problems such as sensitivity and root decays. Teeth grinding, inadequate oral hygiene, lack of proper methods and oral care products can lead to gingival disease, it is necessary to first determine the cause of receded gum and remove it. In some cases, with aesthetic gingival operations, the receding gums can be repaired.

Does gum disease affect our health?

Yes it can affect and is a risk factor in various diseases. Particular attention should be paid to recurrent throat infections and lung diseases.

My gum appears a lot when I smile. What can I do to have an aesthetic smile?

Surgical treatments can be done to change the gingival levels when the gums seem too much during the smile. In these treatments, the level of the gums can be increased or the lip position can be changed.