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Wire Treatment

Which treatments are applied in Dentopol Orthodontics Clinic?

It is a clinic where all kinds of orthodontics treatments are applied.

The branch of dentistry that specializes in aligning teeth by using braces is called orthodontics.

There is an orthodontic specialist in this clinic.

Orthodontics Clinic offers the following treatment services and more:

  • Computerized Cephalometric Film Analysis
  • Determination of bone age
  • Orthodontic Photography and Application
  • Orthodontic Model Making
  • Orthodontic Metal Analysis
  • Intermediate Cephalometric Film Analysis
  • Intermediate Model Construction
  • Fixed Closing Booster Appearance
  • Open Closed Orthodontic Treatment
  • Preventive Orthodontic Treatment (Tongue Thrust)
  • Short-term Orthodontic Treatment
  • Reinforcement treatment
  • Brackets application
  • Cleft palate (Orthodontic Treatment)
  • Cephalometric Surgery Plan
  • Class 1-3 Orthodontic treatments

Why are the teeth positioned improperly and how to treat it?

When our teeth are not compatible with our jaw size, they are positioned bad or with gaps. This problem arises after the loss of the baby tooth and their main causes are:

Genetic factors, baby tooth that appears early, malnutrition, children that suck their thumb/finger and that eat their nail at a young age, position’s problems and irregularities in the wisdom tooth.

Crooked teeth and teeth gaps can be corrected by an orthodontic treatment.

What is the age to begin orthodontic treatment?

There is no age limit in orthodontic treatment. If the treatment starts at an early age (7-10 years) the duration of treatment will be shorter. In the case of jaw and skeletal problems, the most appropriate age will be before 12 years.

How often are treatment examinations?

At the start of the treatment, you should go to the control appointment between 4-6 weeks. Follow-up of control appointments is important for the progress of the treatment.

What alternatives are there in orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment uses archewire called brackets. With the progress of the technology, aesthetic solutions such as brackets fixed to the back of the teeth, transparent plates and porcelain brackets are proposed.

What problems can be seen when crooked teeth are not treated?

If the teeth are not aligned properly, the cleaning of teeth will be difficult. In these cases, tooth decay is higher. Gum problems can progress more quickly with the tooth decays. At the end of this, the tooth could shake and be lost. Orthodontic treatment should be done to have a healthy mouth and tooth for long term and also to have an aesthetic, healthy and good smile.

How should dental care be during orthodontic treatment?

During the orthodontic treatment, the teeth should be brushed 3 times with the orthodontic toothbrush. Interface brushes should be used for brackets and mouthwashes should not be neglected.

What should I do to prevent braces fall off in orthodontic treatment?

It is generally advised to avoid hard, crisp, sticky, sugary and acidic foods. Crispy foods such as popcorn or chips may break the orthodontic brace and cause prolonged treatment. Adhesive materials such as gum or caramel can easily adhere to the brackets and can cause tooth decay. After our braces are removed, it is necessary to avoid sugary and acidic foods in order to have healthy and strong teeth.

Will teeth damage when removing dental braces?

The adhesive that allows the brackets to stick to the tooth surface is easily removed and after the orthodontic brace treatment, the tooth faces are cleaned and finally the polishing process is performed. Due to the adhesive used and the processes applied, the enamel that protects your teeth does not suffer any damage.

Is a treatment without archwire possible?

With OrtAligner it is possible to correct your teeth without bracket and archwire. Click for more information.