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Oral Diagnose

Treatment Planning

What does Oral diagnosis mean?

It is a clinic where the first examination, diagnosis and treatment planning of the patients who come to Dentopol are realized. Oral Diagnosis means the Diagnosis of Problems in All Oral Dental and Environmental Tissues.

Which treatment is commonly performed in a Dentopol Oral Diagnosis clinic?

  • Dentist Exams
  • Specialist Dentist Exams
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Evaluation of X-ray pictures
  • Oral Hygiene Training
  • Consultation
  • Specialist Dentist Consultation

Do I have a first consultation and what is it?

The Head Doctor himself does this because every problem in the mouth must be carefully examined, the most accurate and comprehensive diagnosis must be made, and most importantly, this diagnosis will determine all treatment. Our Head Doctor will inform you about the diagnosis and will transfer your treatment plan to the specialist in the clinic. So your treatment begins with the most confident hands.