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Dental Radiology

Detailed Oral Röntgen

What is done in Dentopol Dental Radiology Clinic?

Thanks to Radiology Clinic in Dentopol we can make a diagnosis and we can plan the treatment at the first consultation.

In the Radiology Clinic, we can take detailed views of the oral and peripheral tissues and we can ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning.

In Dentopol Radiology Clinic the following services and more are given:

  • Dental X-ray
  • Occlusal X-ray
  • Digital Radiography
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Cephalometric X-ray
  • TMJ X-ray and diagnosis
  • 3D (Dental Tomography)

What purpose is radiography used in dental treatment?

  • To detect  dental cavities
  • Before and after implant and root treatments
  • To identify the bone disease
  • To check cyst and tumors
  • Detection of tooth and jaw fracture

Is the radiation of the x-rays high?

With the development of technology, the radiation used by X-ray machines is also gradually decreasing. It is equivalent to the natural radiation received within 3 days in a sunny place, so even though it is a rather low dose, we reduce this amount even further using special lead aprons in our hospital.

When is a dental panoramic x-ray necessary?

Panoramic films are necessary for the detection of cysts in the jaws, inflammations in the root of the teeth, the level of the supporting bone, cavities between teeth.

How is the panoramic chin film taken?

A lead apron is worn to patient after all metal accessories and removable prosthesis which are close to patient’s head and neck region removed. X-ray machine makes a half circle within less than one minute around the standing patient and process is completed.

What is a dental tomography?

Dental tomography gives a three-dimensional image that provides more detailed and accurate information than x-rays.  Dental and bone tissues can be analyzed in more detail and errors and mistakes can be minimized in treatments.

Should I take tomography before dental implant treatment?

After panoramic x-ray, patients who need more detailed analysis of teeth and bone tissues may need tomography.

Can a pregnant woman take chin X-ray?

X-ray is not recommended unless it is very urgent and necessary.